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Strategically Prakruthi focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) interventions, thereby linking the corporate world and communities of people. Prakruthi has been actively working on CSR issues across the value chains of coffee, tea, sugarcane, cotton and garment sectors. Prakruthi implements a multi-stakeholder approach in its value chain related work and has gained experience in facilitating several multi-stakeholder forums in these sectors.


Multi-stakeholder participation

In Prakruthi’s multi-stakeholder approach the objective is to create win-win situations, for all stakeholders involved. Interest of the corporate sector can only be obtained if it experiences direct improvements, be it in better labour performance, quality and income improvements, and efficiency. Traders will expect improved market opportunities/conditions. Workers will demand for better living conditions, education and income. Keeping all parties involved and focused on a common agenda requires patience and trials. Identifying pioneers among the corporate sector has proven a key element for setting up multi-stakeholder pilot programs in the different sectors. Prakruthi strives to setting up pilots in each sector and use these for learning, documentation and sharing of experiences within the sector and among sectors.


Intervention strategy

Prakruthi’s intervention domains are broad and diverse. Interventions consider aspects of ecological/organic and sustainable production, improved social and economic labour conditions for workers in plantations and industries, increased income from agricultural production and fair market conditions, along the value chain. In some cases Prakruthi promotes bottom-up processes from the grass roots towards CSR, in other cases Prakruthi cooperates in CSR initiatives that are initiated by the (western) market side. In all cases Prakruthi endeavours for more than only minimum income conditions and aims at creating an environment that allows improved living-conditions of the main target groups; income, education, health, social status, gender equity and perspectives for the future.


Prakruthi’s three-step intervention strategy:

  • Technical support and to enhance capacities of the target groups.
  • Developing a collective approach towards sustainability through networking and collaborations with other stakeholders.
  • Influencing policy to help bring about better balance of power for the disadvantaged.

Interrelated programme components

Prakruthi considers attention to gender equity and creation of awareness on climate change mitigation essential as cross cutting components of its entire program. The acknowledgement of the interrelationship between all these components is essential for a successful CSR process. The main goal of Prakruthi’s CSR cooperation program is to make companies more responsible and accountable for economic, social and environmental sustainability across the value chain. Prakruthi aims to achieve this by:

  • Technical support in addressing poverty and inequality through trade,
  • Collaborating in and networking for developing collective approach(es) to sustainability,
  • Policy influencing for facilitating access to sustainable markets,
  • Empowering vulnerable stakeholders, especially women and youth
  • Creating awareness on climate change and environmental safety.

International CSR cooperation

Prakruthi, with support of Oxfam Novib (the Netherlands) is expanding its intervention area from India, to neighbouring countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan). In Bangladesh, Prakruthi already has identified local partners and sectors for intervention (garment and tea sectors). For both Pakistan and Afghanistan, Prakruthi has developed a step-by-step approach, including training and research activities, which will result in a CSR action plan and intervention strategy, by country and sector.


Bhagawanth Rao, 14, whose parents Soyam
Lachu and Lachu Bai cultivate about 20 acres of
dry land in Adilabad District,
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